Saturday, 13 April 2013

Cold War

Well, I’m glad I ran my Conpulsion Doctor Who adventure this morning instead of tomorrow, because...

It was about an alien landing inadvertently in a high point of the Cold War, sending a distress signal, feeling threatened and so threatening humanity and therefore nearly setting off World War Three.

It’s just that the alien wasn’t an Ice Warrior...

Good work by the gang in actually making the talking solution work!

David Warner! Liam Cunningham! An Unbound Doctor and a shortlisted Eighth Doctor! and Tobias Menzies would work as a shifty Master.

And there was a RED SETTING!

The HADS? Or the TARDIS not liking Clara? Hmm.

Oh, and the haunted manor house next week... is it just me or does that look like the house Victorian Clara died in?


  1. David Warner and the Onion Knight in a single episode? Be still, my heart.

    I really enjoyed this episode, particularly them building on the Ice Warriors without making it an idle reference or arbitrarily changing them.

    1. And Tobias Menzies is starting as Edmure Tully, I see.

    2. Golly, I didn't make that connection when I saw Edmure on Sunday. I was too busy being delighted by Robb and the Blackfish putting him in his place.