Saturday, 6 April 2013

The troubles of coming up with a sixth PC for a convention game

So I have the following PCs mixed up with an alien crash in 1960s Berlin:

The Doctor, Amy and Rory. (Its a bit early to try and stat out Clara, I think.)

A pair of childhood friends, now student age, living on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall. Hopefully fun to play even if the players dont go for the star-crossed lovers angle.

And a secret agent who could either be an obvious badass or an apparent nobody. Same stats, but I imagine the picture would really affect how the character was played...



  1. Or maybe the secret agent is a George Smiley type, an older fellow called back to duty in the Cold War.

    1. That could work. Hmm.

      Probably going with the everyman version. One of my GMs at the event and an all round smart person, Steve Ironside notes:

      #2 Craig - the show is littered with people who are *almost* heroes, and just need to meet the Doctor to realise their potential. #2 is that guy; #1 is the arrogant rotter who ends up being eaten by monster X at the end of the second act.