Friday, 5 April 2013

The War Machines From Warmachine

Behold The Convergence Of Cyriss!

Via Derek, the Toclafane invade Warmachine?

Their faction symbol looks rather Cybermanly too, while the standard troops look a bit Spoonhead and apparently theyre also rather like the Clockwork Men, being, well, clockwork and man-shaped.

In any case, if you play Who with miniatures, I’m sure you can find a use for a big army of various kinds of creepy robot things.

So how to deal with a full-sized army of robots? Dropping out of the sky and attacking Earth, or another planet, maybe a future colony?

Sure, the Doctor could make each of them fall apart with careful use of the sonic screwdriver, but that would take a bit too long.

Ultimately, any time you have the PCs take on an army, you have to build in sneaky a way for them to defeat them, unless they happen to have an army (or a Hulk) too. 

Let’s assume they have interconnecting communications, and possibly a central control system. Something that will take them out at one stroke. The master system will of course be well defended and require a mad attack plan that no logical computer would think of.

Or they’re electronic and can be EMP-ed. Good if theyre invading a pre-electric civilisation, still better than nothing for higher Tech Levels if the people under attack can survive and rebuild.

Or, of course, you could try and negotiate. This may not work if the robots’ core programming is too simplistic or restrictive (the Replicators from TV Stargate are essentially mindless, they’re here to break stuff into useful component parts and don’t care what the stuff has to say about it) but can lead to a debate on the meaning of life or the old Star Trek confuse-the-computer-so-it-explodes trick.

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