Friday, 19 April 2013

Doctor Who? Doctor WHO? DOC-TORR WHOOOO?!

My 700th post, so it seems fitting to mark an historic occasion.

The final batch of posters has been revealed, including at last the title of the series’ final episode. One of my news feeds was good about it being a spoiler, than I scrolled down and another showed the whole poster and gave the name in big capital letters.

Not that it was really a surprise anyway. It was something of a “that’s it?” moment.

I suspect it will be a fakeout, the MacGuffin for the episode never really revealed. “The thrill is in the chase, never in the capture.”

Maybe someone will learn, but we won’t, perhaps as we see through Clara’s POV and the TARDIS doesn’t translate as it doesn’t like her...

... The Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS Escher style poster is cool, isn’t it?

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