Sunday, 5 May 2013

Coming soon to Vworp! Vworp! - adventures that never were

Discovered through this rather lovely illustration of the Third Doctor, Jo and the Brigadier investigating a not-quite-deactivated Cyberman.

Did the Third Doctor really never meet them? I wonder what else this issue has in store, but in the meantime, it would be easy (and fun) to imagine the story being illustrated.

A Cyber-incursion into the present, a Secret Invasion that threatens global stability as time-lost Cybermen seek to rebuild and conquer - starting a world war to crush humanity and bring them under their control! Can the Doctor, Jo, the Brigadier and the rest of the UNIT team prevent...

War Of The Cybermen?

And what role does the Master play in their schemes...?

The Brigadier: Sorry, old chap, but I took the gold in target shooting.
Cyberleader: Gold?
Sound FX: BANG!

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