Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The man who put the world in a box

... sounds like a high concept episode idea, but is the label given to Frank Hornby by the Guardian on the occasion of his 150th birthday, Google Doodled and all. (Favourite part of the illo is the inclusion of the classic set of figurines including the conductor, the well-dressed family and the poor guy who’s been running for the train for decades.)

As the creator of Meccano and Dinky as well, he had a hand in the development of plenty of classic special effects people (and probably a few special effects!) so how else might you mark the anniversary? A trip on the Great Northern Railway in 1920 perhaps, or a clash with the Celestial Toymaker, or a visit to a terraformed colony built by construction robots with a few overseers before the colonists arrive...

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