Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Eleven Susans

Infinite Claras and getting the TTC book got me thinking about what would happen if other notable Time Lords were as bad at controlling regeneration as the Doctor.

So, as the start of an occasional series, how about the Unearthly Child herself, Susan Foreman? What would she be like if she came in and out of the show, regenerating like her grandfather and reflecting his personality as she changes?

We know the First, of course.

The Second Susan could still be Carole Anne Ford, but changed in attitude, more like the Avengers-style version originally proposed before she was directed to be more of a normal teenager.

The Third Susan might reflect her grandfather’s imperious grandeur, Voice Of Authority and all. Perhaps she needs a title? The Lady Susannah. Playing the part, a society debutante? Lady Penelope to UNIT’s Thunderbirds. Or equally, she might rebel against it, taking Jo’s role as the caring hippyish wanderer.

The Fourth Susan might cramp the Doctor’s bohemian style as he tries to impress Romana. Maybe she needs her own TARDIS, as it’s easier than giving her twenty quid to go to the pictures when he has a date. Perhaps she gets stuck in boarding school on Gallifrey...

The Fifth Susan is older than her grandfather! Taking the place of Nyssa as the exasperated space princess.

The Sixth Suzi goes native in the 80s as her first incarnation did in the 60s, as colourful as her grandfather, not least her hair. Confident, tough, smart, brassy, and has Distinctive as a Major trait.

Do not trust the Seventh Susan.

The Eighth Susan is part of her grandfather’s quest for family, a lost connection he misses deeply, a picture in a locket and never seen in person until a shocking season finale...

The Ninth Susan is a suffering survivor of the Time War, all cropped hair, big stompy boots and painful survivor guilt. Gets on really badly with Rose. Possibly northern. Possibly played by Hannah Spearritt.

The Tenth Susan, by contrast, is a big kid, or at least pretends to be while her grandfather’s around. A recurring character on The Sarah Jane Adventures, her chemistry with Luke making Maria wonder why she feels so jealous...

The Eleventh Susan is a secret to be revealed in the anniversary special. Possibly.

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