Thursday, 23 May 2013

D'you wanna come with me?

Who chooses to step into a TARDIS and leave their life behind, potentially forever? Would you?

A different idea for a companion’s motivation from RPGnetter Shay Guy - she decides to go with the Doctor because she’s afraid. In game terms, obviously the character wouldn’t have Brave and might have to buy off Unadventurous - possibly repeatedly. But it’s certainly a good rationale for a Screamer! on the team.

So what about your companion characters? Why are they running for their lives in far-flung times and places? Is it for the hell of it, is it to see wonders, is it because of the personality of the pilot - love, perhaps, or fear for their safety?

And what criteria does the pilot have for taking people on?

And what happens when everything changes...?

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