Saturday, 18 October 2014


“We’re in the bad news! We’re living the bad news!”

A Doctor-Lite episode that keeps the Doctor involved throughout, in a very funny way that doesn’t (generally) detract from the creepiness of the overall story.

Lots of great snark. (Writer Jamie Mathieson’s previous time travel experience was with comedy.)

“Congratulations. Lying is a vital survival skill. And a terrible habit.”

The 3D life to 2D art idea was used as recently as The Day Of The Doctor, as well as Fear Her and the photographs of doom in Sapphire And Steel and elsewhere, but this is a bigger and more thorough examination of it. Great creepy effects. Lovely throwaway horror bit with the dissected nervous system of a minor character displayed on a wall. Nice logical trick at the end too - all the pieces are put in place.


The Doctor being absent but in almost constant communication could be a way to run a session when a key player is away but able to call in?

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