Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mummy On The Orient Express

“Are you my mummy?”

Yes, he went there.

Is Clara even in this ep... oh, she is.

Hmm. Recreation of famous early 20th century luxury vehicle in space. Friendly chatty information portholes. Member of staff played by well-known person becomes temporary companion. Mournful person in charge.

Like the continuity nod to why this adventure didn’t happen in the 2010 series.

The countdown running in frame, very meta.

The mummy being, well, basically a mummy apart from the curse being technology was nice.

And who is Gus? Apart from John Sessions, obviously.

A last hurrah that only makes sense in the context that it isn’t really.

Play-wise, it’s essentially a locked room mystery with the solution being weird alien tech stuff, but it plays it fair by having the clues there and having the Doctor and all narrow it down, work out the hunting pattern, and the Doctor finding a way to shut it down.

The time limit would have to stretch a bit in a game, as out of character descriptions of actions take a while, but if you have players who can babble consistently in character it could work. Alternatively, a different kind of limiter like number of actions could be used. Or borrow a trick from the horror RPG Dread and use Jenga to determine the success or failure of actions...

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