Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Sun Is Angry! Again.

New DWM day and issue 1 of Titan’s 12th Doctor comic, and, er, the comic stories both have basically the same cliffhanger. Which is a bit awkward.

DWM has part three of The Eye Of Torment, in which we discover that despair-inducing Skin Of Evil style oilslicks of evil have been imprisoned in the sun for billions of years, and it ends with them getting loose, as a mass hivemind monster.

Titan Doctor Who 12 issue 1 has a planet being terraformed to be a jungle paradise (six weeks after 11 issue 2 had a jungle paradise planet turned into a theme park) and revealed to be secretly the ancient prison of something distinctly orange and glowy that calls itself Hyperios.

Lots of nice creepiness in DWM and lots of nice snark in 12.1, but... yeah.

And it’s not like we haven’t had angry suns recently either.

It is an interesting case study in taking a setting and a monster and playing it in very different ways. What would you do with those ingredients?

(In other news, DWM mentions the Cubicle 7 Doctor sourcebooks in its news section, Hooray! Now how about some reviews...?)


  1. I kind of read Twelve's rant against Eleven's fashion sense in the voice of Six.