Saturday, 25 October 2014

In The Forest Of The Night

“Oh, I am Doctor Idiot...”

In The Forest Of The Night is a bit of an odd one for me because I had a similar adventure idea years ago. I was going to blame it on a psychic backlash (it actually started as a Buffy adventure, where this kind of magic isn’t such a big deal.)

It’s also rather fun... and only slightly undermined by following Kill The Moon three weeks ago in which another part of our ecosystem turns out to be something wildly different than it seems and the solution is to do nothing...

The first episode by Frank Cottrell Boyce, who also wrote the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, which felt fairly Whovian in and of itself, as well as 24 Hour Party People, which didn’t so much.

Pretty whimsical in a holdover-Smith way. Nice use of kids.

Does being in mourning make you temporarily psychic? Hmm.


  1. yes, but what was with the big sister coming back at the end? That was a real WTF!

    1. Well, there was... it... I... WE HAVE RUN OUT OF MINUTES HERE IS A HAPPY ENDING BYE!