Thursday, 14 September 2017

Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Fibreglass Saucer Invasion

Fifty years ago tonight, southern England was invaded by flying saucers! Made of fibreglass and flour.
“We thought the government should have some sort of plan if aliens did land. So we gave them a chance to try out whatever plan they had - but they didn’t have one.”
Chris Southall, one of the masterminds of the hoax.
David Clarke, media law expert at Sheffield Hallam University and a consultant and curator for the National Archives UFO project, believes the response to the hoax was flawed.
“One of the saucers when they actually drilled into it, because it was full of this compacted, sort of papier-maché mess, actually exploded and showered the police officers with this stuff. If it had been some kind of radiation hazard, how would they have dealt with that? It would have been a disaster area. And what did they do? Just washed it down the drains.”
This is the kind of thing that gets you thrown out of UNIT.

Thanks to Robin Low on for the link.