Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Operation Time Fracture, an immersive Doctor Who adventure

Operation Time Fracture launches today in London. I would like to go to there. 

It looks to be on the interative end of immersive theatre, with the hashtag #BeTheHero. Not quite a LARP but bumping into that area. Fifty quid a go.

Sunday, 23 May 2021

(English Civil) War Of The Daleks

A thread on Lead Adventure planning to make fanart floating Dalek miniatures... and set them against each other with Puritan and Royalist factions.

Saturday, 3 April 2021

Eleven at Eleven

On this day eleven years ago was The Eleventh Hour, beginning the Moffat era in a surprisingly whimsical manner.

Friday, 26 March 2021

The Ninth Doctor Adventures preview

To celebrate the Ninth Doctor’s anniversary, Big Finish gives us the first audio preview of The Ninth Doctor Adventures: The Ravagers.

“So, you lied to her.”
“I meant what I said.”

Rose at 16

The new era of Doctor Who began sixteen years ago tonight. It’s been back longer than it was away. I talked about how that felt six years ago here.

Saturday, 20 March 2021

The 90s comics Doctor that never quite was

Via Vworp Vworp! -

In 1997 Matt Bookman came up with a proposal for a BBC SF magazine with Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and more comics, called The Sci-Files and then Robot. It got as far as a dummy issue, with a new Doctor design.

The look is very “character actor in a mismatched historical costume” as DIY Doctors often are. The likeness started out (to me) looking quite Christopher Plummer, and then a bit Alan Rickman, and ended up kind of a blond Peter Wyngarde without the moustache.

And I like that opening. “I only know I’m running. I don’t know when I started, or where I’m going...” Of course it starts with running.

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Russell T Davies interview

Russell T Davies talks to Hollywood Reporter TV’s Top 5 about It’s A Sin, TV writing, LGBTQ+ representation, SF, and more. Starting at 49:40, going to 1:41:27. Thanks to Johanna Koljonen for the heads up.

Tuesday, 19 January 2021


Over on the main daily blog I'm doing a Character Creation Challenge for January, and today did Doctor Who as a number of other participants did versions of it in the last two days as well.

Friday, 8 January 2021

Eleven plots from David Bowie's Hours

David Bowie’s 1999 album Hours comes in part from the soundtrack for The Nomad Soul - which also absolutely works as an adventure hook. It was the first album by a major artist to be released online ahead of its physical launch.

“I mean, what a disappointing 21st century this has been so far, you know...”
David Bowie  quoted in The Last Five Years

After , The Next Day, Reality and Heathen, adventures based on the album’s song titles...

Thursday’s Child
Thursday’s Child has far to go. Surely the Stranger was born that day. Maybe more than once. And what of the pupils of The Man Who Was Thursday, agents of a revolutionary cell with no real members? Where are they now?

Something In The Air
An unknown gas causing outbursts of raw emotion. Declarations of love, howls of sorrow, shrieks of fear and curses of fury. What is causing this?

Charged with a crime by an alien justice system and exiled onto a desert island with nothing but the clothes on your back. You have to survive for nine days. And something there is determined not to let you.

If I’m Dreaming My Life
Everything goes just right for one of the travellers. Suspiciously so.

Days, Sins, Samurai, Brides for Brothers? There are a lot of ways that ‘seven’ could matter.

What’s Really Happening?
The traveller from “If I’m Dreaming My Life” wakes up to find they’ve been abandoned by everyone, including the TARDIS. But have they really woken up?

The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
The latest craze on the scene, cloning and telepresence allowing the idle rich of the 33rd Century to drop onto deathworlds, disaster tourism on a planetary level. And of course something goes wrong, following the clones’ mental link back to the source...

New Angels Of Promise
“Be not afraid...” says the herald, a firestorm of wings and eyes. What does it promise? Is it salvation, or an apocalypse? And if so, for who?

Brilliant Adventure
The Stranger is asked for an autograph by a small child. After saving a children’s author, she has become a much-loved story. But they haven’t met the author yet, and at least one the stories is about to happen.

The Dreamers
The traveller who believed they were abandoned in “What’s Really Happening?” finally tracks down the those responsible, but the TARDIS crew will have to fight to retain their sense of reality to stop them!

We All Go Through
The travellers find themselves at a vast gate, with figures sitting in judgment. Will they get a fair hearing, are there some bureaucratic tricks they can employ, and are the judges really going to let the Dalek Inquisitor bear witness?

Saturday, 2 January 2021

The Master at 50

The Master first appeared at around 5:15 p.n. on this day fifty years ago, at the beginning of Terror Of The Autons. It also introduced Jo Grant and Captain Mike Yates.

(I just got that the radio telescope in Logopolis ten years later may be a callback to the Master’s first act here. Or maybe he just really likes radio telescopes.)

Friday, 1 January 2021

Revolution Of The Daleks

Revolution Of The Daleks was fine, a reference I could have missed notwithstanding. Very 2019.

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Sunday adventure hook New Year Special: Ring In The New

Looking forward to a video call Hogmanay, and having seen many a video call interview, game session, and the Zoom-based film Host, the result was, perhaps, inevitable...

Ring In The New

The travellers are separated and stuck on a video call, with the Stranger trying to locate them through the signal, several friends and family members involved, and what is going on in the background of every caller’s window...?

“They’re right, this is like a séance. Except not as reliable.”

Sunday, 20 December 2020

Sunday adventure hook Christmas Special: Gift Of The Magi

With a New Year special on the way, we shall have our Christmas here. With the prior importance of Christmas specials I do go on about it, and on the general blog as well, and could probably do a whole series by now (the Twelve Specials Of Christmas?) but never mind...

Gift Of The Magi

The Door opens onto a street in medieval Baghdad and the travellers soon find themselves drawing the attention of a group of astronomers, whose leader has spotted a celestial event and believes that something strange and dangerous is on its way and the Stranger is involved.

“Of course I’m involved now! You changed the result by observing it!”