Saturday, 31 October 2020

Hallowe'en induced mad notion

Happy Hallowe’en!

And having just watched Scare Me, which I thought was great fun, an update on the American Doctor alternate timeline:

Aya Cash as Thirteen.

Monday, 26 October 2020

Sunday adventure hook: Trick

Hallowe’en Special!


The travellers go to the Village Halloween Parade in New York in 1978, so they can see John Carpenter’s Halloween with an early audience as well. And the Stranger spots a familiar face in the crowd. And another. And another. Some of her alien enemies, mingling unnoticed and being praised for the quality of their masks and costumes...

“I expect this kind of thing from Zygons.”

Sunday, 18 October 2020

Sunday adventure hook: The Burning City

Post 1666! ... was a couple of posts ago. But anyway...

Doctor Who hit the Great Fire of London in The Visitation, the first adventure I really remember clearly, but what the hey...

The Burning City

London is ablaze. Who can you save? And what might this be hiding in this most invaded city, about to awaken?

“If I get drowned by Matthew Hopkins, I blame you. And also obviously Matthew Hopkins.”

Friday, 16 October 2020

Adventures In Lockdown

Adventures In Lockdown, the short stories spinning around some of the rewatches, collected in book form with new stories, for Children In Need.

Thursday, 15 October 2020


Canaries, a new short story both introducing The Wintertime Paradox festive collection by Dave Rudden and part of Time Lore Victorious.




This would also be a good series setup, by the way, in a Friday The 13th: The Series kind of way.

Monday, 12 October 2020

New Who video games

For console. The Edge Of Reality, following The Edge Of Time VR game, starring 13 and 10 helping you save reality itself a million years in the future. No pressure.

For mobile devices, The Lonely Assassins, which looks like a classic adventure kind of game, searching for clues in photos and the like.

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Sunday adventure hook: Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle

Influenced by... The Influence.

Someone trying to communicate through possession. A parent trying to save their child, even though the possessing being means no harm - but how do they communicate that?

“What are you trying to tell us?”

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Sunday adventure hook: Faces From My Past

Faces From My Past

Inspired by the trailer for No Time To Die

The Stranger wakes to find herself in one of her previous bodies.

“Well... huh.”