Friday, 26 March 2021

The Ninth Doctor Adventures preview

To celebrate the Ninth Doctor’s anniversary, Big Finish gives us the first audio preview of The Ninth Doctor Adventures: The Ravagers.

“So, you lied to her.”
“I meant what I said.”

Rose at 16

The new era of Doctor Who began sixteen years ago tonight. It’s been back longer than it was away. I talked about how that felt six years ago here.

Saturday, 20 March 2021

The 90s comics Doctor that never quite was

Via Vworp Vworp! -

In 1997 Matt Bookman came up with a proposal for a BBC SF magazine with Doctor Who, Red Dwarf and more comics, called The Sci-Files and then Robot. It got as far as a dummy issue, with a new Doctor design.

The look is very “character actor in a mismatched historical costume” as DIY Doctors often are. The likeness started out (to me) looking quite Christopher Plummer, and then a bit Alan Rickman, and ended up kind of a blond Peter Wyngarde without the moustache.

And I like that opening. “I only know I’m running. I don’t know when I started, or where I’m going...” Of course it starts with running.