Saturday, 25 August 2012

Asylum Of The Daleks

We were sworn to secrecy (well, more asked nicely not to drop big secrets - “London kept the secret, I would hate for Scotland to break the line!”) so I’ll just say...

He certainly kept one of his pre-series promises. I won’t say which one just yet.

OMG that happened!

Yes, changes to credits.

A certain new development (a) really quite creepy and (b) so going to be a cosplay thing.

More hands for “would still watch if the Doctor became a woman” that “wouldn’t” - prompted by someone asking in the Q&A, in case you were wondering.

And from the youngest Q&A questioner: “Do Cybermen get rusty in the rain? No, cos they’re made of plastic... Actually, they have to be well rainproofed in Wales. But then there was a rather rusty looking on in the Pandorica, and I wrote that, so get it right! Yes, they get rusty, but not quickly.”

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