Wednesday, 22 August 2012

deviantArt, visual sourcebook

Since that blatant dA self-promotion I’ve picked up three followers, some with familiar handles.

Well, while I’m on the subject, I do a “popular in the last 24 hours” search for Doctor Who every day, more or less, to see what’s relevant and impressive in the first couple pages.

And unscientifically looking back over the month or two I’ve been doing that, Ten is still the most popular subject. Then Eleven, unless he gets a boost because there’s a new episode on. Then Nine, then Whooves (the My Little Pony with an hourglass), then Sherlock, then Four, then Eight and down from there...

It’s also a good place to find variant sonic screwdrivers like these minimalist examples suitable for less flamboyant Time Lords.

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