Saturday, 18 August 2012

That's a different look for you, isn't it?

How much is the Doctor’s look a “costume” and how much is it just an outfit?

Dark Eyes sees the Eighth Doctor’s new look previewed two years ago make the cover of a Big Finish audio series. Not as big a deal as him turning up wearing it on TV, but still of interest.

(In the event that the Eighth Doctor does turn up at some point in the 2013 anniversary celebrations, what style will he go for? I can imagine him not wanting to wear a wig again...)

Here it’s all bound up in the rough times he’s had, and hints at the style that the Ninth Doctor will adapt in years to come. A haircut and a new outfit shows character development. Like the Seventh Doctor trading in his cream jacket for a dark brown one so he looks that bit darker.

It’s not like the Tenth Doctor acquiring a blue suit, of the same cut as his brown one so his silhouette doesn’t change, or the Eleventh Doctor (like the Third) having a sizeable wardrobe of similar things and occasionally dressing up a bit for period adventures - something some Doctors and some companions go for more than others. Or the occasional wearing of formal attire, with or without bow ties and top hats.

What do your characters’ style choices say about them?

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