Sunday, 19 August 2012

Come All You Monsters

The Doctor’s top ten villains according to the Observer.

Agree? Disagree? Think the Sontarans were robbed?

Nothing controversial to begin with - Daleks, Cybermen, the Master - then it shifts to the one-classic-appearance likes of Scaroth, the Zygons and the Beast.

I was particularly pleased to see the Time Lords being included considering how much trouble they’ve caused over the decades.


  1. I think the absence of the Ood is a little unfair. They are the most frequently recurring monster from the new series, capable of being both interesting allies and rather eerie foes.

    I'd drop Scaroth, only really here because he was well-played and in a fun but silly serial that has a bit of a following.

    1. A fair call, I think, though the Oods' variety might be a point against them.

    2. Perhaps. I just think the mode of attack works against them more than anything else.

      Still, I would have to say they were more deserving than Scaroth! I mean sure, one-off monsters can be on the list... Zygons impressed the hell out of me as a kid and I dearly wish for a reappearance one day, but the last Jagaroth is really only remembered for Glover's performance sans mask.