Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Time Traveller's Companion, coming soon

The Nathaniel Torson chat transcript now posted by host Dan Davenport

(all of it, as I missed the start due to Internets)

but I'll just leave this bit here:

02:30 : The TARDIS chapter is spread into three sections:
02:31 : 1. TARDIS Navigation: rules for flying a TARDIS and the special manuevers it can pull off. And yes, it helps to have 6 pilots.
02:33 : 2. The Systems and Rooms: Details of the console, the rooms and other misc. systems that a TARDIS has been shown to have/use in the history of the series and rules for every last one of them if you really want to know what advantage the Fault Locator room or the TARDIS toolkit gives you..
02:33 : 3. Create a TARDIS: Exactly like it sounds - create your own custom TARDIS with its own little quirks and features.
02:34 : I should point out that the console is completely customizable, as TARDISes are mathematical constructs that have no set physical form.

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