Saturday, 2 March 2013

Friends Of The Ood

A second set of Who stamps, with the TARDIS and four iconic monsters, three I can’t argue with... but the Ood?

Sure, they were scary - as possessed victim/weapons of ominous disembodied voices - in The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit and The Doctor’s Wife, and their ultimate plan in Planet Of The Ood was creepy as all get-out, but we all have our off days, on the whole they’re not exactly the Master, are they? No, they’re lovely.

So let’s have some lovely Ood.

The Ood are off being wise and prescient and all-seeing, turning up when least expected (not generally in the loo) to offer guidance and advice, with optional ominous visuals and cryptic warnings, and also a nice cup of tea.

A temporal wonkiness leads to an Ood arriving in 1920s Rhode Island and fighting a time monster with the aid of H.P. Lovecraft, who is in two minds about the whole thing due to both dreading its tentacular foulness and appreciating its impeccable manners.

The TARDIS lands in a 44th Century explorer spaceship with a heroic multispecies crew including an Ood communications officer. It’s a minor detail of the Trek-alike adventure, which might make savvy players wary but is a total red herring. Include a running gag as it translates the monster’s threats in that perfectly placid and soothing voice: “Destroyer Prime says ‘My intention is the tear out your entrails and wear them as jewellery.’ How should I respond?”

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