Saturday, 9 March 2013

Terror Of The Terileptils

Following on from the preceding nostalgic ramble, and Friends Of The Ood, some ideas for a highly obscure monster that I still love a bit.

The only Terileptils we’ve seen on screen are fugitive criminals, so again they might appear as a friendly-ish alien species. Still a bit warlike, and keen on making aesthetically pleasing killer robots, but probably not out to wipe out all indigenous life on Earth. Their government was part of The Alliance at the Pandorica, so willing to work with others to prevent the total destruction of the universe too...

So they’re advanced technologically, have an underworld, a bit fighty, like art...

A Terileptil artisan shows up in an otherwise unconnected story about killer robots, having been hired to make them by the villain.

Terileptil art thieves, planning a heist on a futuristic gallery (a space station, naturally, perhaps with localised gravity inspired by M.C. Escher) to steal a great classic like the Mona Lisa (the real one) or The Thinker or The Scream or Dogs Playing Poker. Happily using robots as a distraction, playing havoc with the systems (like the gravity).

A Terileptil team is doing well in this year’s robot gladiator arena, although they do rely on points for style more than they really should. (Borrow some suitably weird combat robots from Infinity for visuals.) So when one of them is murdered, the rival teams, the bookmakers, and a whole lot of other suspects have motive, means and opportunity. How long until another death? And how long before the travellers are targeted for sticking their noses in?

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