Tuesday, 5 March 2013

It Is Time...

If you don’t want to know which classic alien is coming back in six weeks or so, don’t follow this cut!

If you did that accidentally, don’t mouse over this link. Sorry!

If you do, well, they were bound to get rid of that feature really, and he looks substantially more buff than previous examples, but clearly recognisable.

I’ve had vague ideas about featuring them in The Door In Time (maybe in a Christmas Special) based largely on their looks and a bit of their shtick, but never got past the vague ideas stage, perhaps because there’s so little to know about them, perhaps because I never saw them in the show as a kid since they last appeared before I was born. I’ve seen some of their appearances retroactively, but the closest I came to seeing them live” was the Radio Times comic strip for the Eighth Doctor.

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