Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Brilliant Book

A title like that would seem to be tempting fate, but what the heck. The Brilliant Book 2011 is sort of an annual by the Doctor Who Magazine people, with a mix of episode overviews, behind-the-scenes stuff (including an interview with Steven Moffat and a look at old-school Silurians as might have been), stories (one by Brian Aldiss!) and a grab-bag of other stuff, like a two-page spread on the Drunk Giraffe.

It's not as immediately game-friendly as the 2007-2010 Storybooks were ("hello, we're about a dozen fully-developed adventure ideas each book by people involved with the show!") but I imagine it'll keep you amused over Christmas. Along with the Christmas Special. And the new Adventure Game. And...

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