Sunday, 5 December 2010

Random notion of the afternoon

In TARDIS, the (decidedly short) third of the Adventure Games, Amy is asked if the Weeping Angels send their victims to the past, present or future.

Wouldn't the latter be an interesting twist?

(Wouldn't work with the "leaving messages behind" method of Blink, of course, but following someone suddenly wrenched into a future after everyone they know is gone is always... "fun" may not be the word...)


  1. That would be an interesting explanation behind alien abductions and an en masse return, a la Close Encounters of the Third Kind or The 4400. The angels, or whatever weird effect, project people forward to one specific moment in time. When that moment comes, they all appear together with only vague memories of having been assaulted by a monstrous grey form.

  2. Ooh. And why at that specific time? It could be that that's when these particular Angels are "set" to - one of the ones in Blink dropped people back forty years consistently, which is why the Doctor and Martha were able to meet Billy - but maybe there's more to it than that. Why is that time important? (Wheeeee dun-da-dun, dun-da-dun...)