Thursday, 2 December 2010

What if... the movies went back to Doctor Who remakes?

Back in the day ("the day" being 1965) a spinoff company of Hammer's horror rivals Amicus were the first people to make Doctor Who in colour, remaking two Dalek stories for the cinema and applying actual production values to them, casting Peter Cushing as "Dr. Who" and setting Bernard Cribbins on his heroic lifelong battle against the threat from Skaro.

Now these days the show has actual production values itself, but since Hammer Has Risen From The Grave, it amuses me to think what they'd do if they started up again today.

Probably a run of Dalek stories.

In case you're wondering, this is a roundabout excuse to recast some Doctors with modern actors.

The Chase Doctor Who And The Dalek Hunters
The First Doctor (Sir Derek Jacobi) discovers that the Daleks have stolen and reverse-engineered a time machine, with orders to steal the TARDIS and become the masters of time.

Power Of The Daleks
The Second Doctor (David Thewlis) finds the Daleks pretending to be obedient servants of a future human colony.

Day Of The Daleks
The Third Doctor (David Warner) tries to prevent a nightmare future of Dalek control from being brought into being by the very people trying to stop it.

Genesis Of The Daleks
The Fourth Doctor (... I'm open to suggestions...) travels back in time to the creation of the Daleks, confronting their father Davros and plagued by doubts as to whether he should destroy them and shatter the history of the galaxy.

Resurrection Of The Daleks
The Fifth Doctor (James McAvoy) tries to prevent the Daleks reviving Davros on modern-day Earth.

Revelation Of The Daleks
The Sixth Doctor (Hugh Bonneville) and Peri (Katy Perry) find Davros alive, in disguise, forging a new Dalek army to defeat his renegade offspring. (Thanks to RM Bailey for the latter casting gag.)

Remembrance Of The Daleks
The Seventh Doctor (Simon Pegg) and Ace (Hannah Spearritt) travel to 1965 (not 1963, obviously) to face Davros's latest threat to history.


  1. Chello!

    I like the idea of casting David Thewlis as #2. And for years I've thought David Warner should be a Doctor. :)

  2. Any suggestions for Four? I don't want to get Russell Brand.

  3. That's a hard one. I've got nothing there.

    What about Jeremy Irons as the Master?

  4. Jeremy Irons is always welcome to play the Master.

    (If he ever shows up in my PBP game he'll be Jason isaacs.)