Tuesday, 14 December 2010


The Writer's Tale by Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook is a great resource for new Who gaming as well as a fascinating read in its own right. I've swiped discarded adventure ideas, scenes, visuals, character notes and more from it.

And one bit I'd like to do something with is a flashback dropped from the final two-parter in series four. Skaro in the last years of the atomic wars, Davros before being blinded and crippled. The recent BBC4 showing of the new Macbeth starring Patrick Stewart reminded me of it - a slightly SF slightly horror take based on the end of World War I, with cluttered hospital corridors and bunkers and plastic sheeting and modernish ECG machines and officers in big grey coats. Add a boiling red sky and we're good to go.

Imagine meeting Davros before he started down that road...


  1. Big Finish did a four-play serial on the "early years of Davros" entitled "I, Davros"(but I've never heard them).

    -- http://www.bigfinish.com/I-Davros

  2. Nor have I, but it's a dramatic "gimme" for the Whoniverse, as Davros first appeared in a back-in-time origin story for the Daleks and it makes a change from using one's time machine to bother Hitler.

  3. The Davros audio is actually quite good. Worth tracking down.