Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Speak, spirit!

I find that I'm still thinking about Christmas Specials. The RPGnet thread is still plodding along, I'm avoiding being spoilered about the real deal as much as possible, it still exists in the Maybe for me. It looks like a bit of Dickensian heartwarming, but also spaceyness, and creepiness. (And sharks.)

A full-on M.R. James Ghost Stories For Christmas Special would work - it'd stand out less than The End Of Time does, really. Pale faces and heavy coats in dark streets with a touch of frost. Less The Eleventh Hour mad romp, more The Empty Child sustained chiller.

And since we're getting a modernised M.R. James story from the BBC this year, let's set it now rather than a traditional ghost story period like the 19th Century.

I've done a runaround festive farce/adventure, a Celebrity Historical with classic monsters returning, and a space story that might become a Base Under Siege. So a modern creepy story seems like the next variation to try.

The Close Of The Year

The travellers arrive in the dead of winter, where heavy snow has disrupted Christmas planning and there's a worse than usual last-minute melee at the shops (because we still have to have a funny sequence in there somewhere) but someone notices a particularly pale face in the crowds. Someone who radiates cold. Windows frost up as she passes. Her touch can draw the life out of you...

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