Friday, 3 December 2010

The most random Doctor Who adventure idea ever

How random? Inspired by Captcha phrases, that's how random.

Relevance to Doctor Who is that it's the Captcha to comment on Rich's Comixblog, home of The Ten Doctors. And when I mentioned something inspired by my first Captcha on this strip, someone else added to it, and then someone else, so...

Synod Acarti - The theocratic government of Colus IV, about to be assassinated by servants of the Dark Horde.

Agent Nizons - an assassin sent by the Dark Horde to kill the Synod Acarti. (thanks to Pippa)

the henchman is from Earevic. (thanks to justawanderer)

Archill Codes - how the Dark Horde to sent vital information for it's assassins out kill the Synod Acarti. Also best selling novel of the same name. (thanks to M'reen)

And finally:

Okay, I'm putting the Archill Codes and Agent Nizons into an adventure idea on my Doctor Who RPG blog. Also featuring Hietedge Gnathus, the smuggler indirectly responsible for the whole thing.

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