Saturday, 22 September 2012


Or The Power Of Three. Thankfully not a Charmed crossover.

SFX pretty much covers what I think. Including the mystery versus resolution issue.

Behind The Scenes with CHIBNALL! this week.

UNIT back, with Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart in charge.

And newsreaders and other real life celebs interacting with the cubes. And the Pond house is in London? It’s all very Davies in a way.

The Time Lords to the Time Lords? (As fronted by Steven Berkoff, saying a lot of Important Things With Capital Letters which make me wonder if they’ll matter somewhere down the line.)

Amy and Rory finally get a big dressing up pseudohistorical, with just one week to go, and we don’t actually see it. still, they looked lovely.


The Birdy Song!

The cubeface orderlies taking Brian was the main moment of actual worry - Brian is disposable in a way the Doctor, Ponds and Kate really aren’t...

And a much less dark and dingy title sequence - but more shivery, and then suddenly pink...

... and was that Weeping Angel smiling?

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