Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Smell Of Doom

A current deodorant advert (which I won’t link to due to evil) takes another deodorant’s old “men can’t help acting on it” idea a long way past its logical conclusion. It shows people so overwhelmed by lust for random passersby that they tear off their clothes in broad daylight, crash their cars, a nurse lets the wheelchair she’s pushing roll into the street, and it ends with sirens wailing, emergency service helicopters flying in, and the city on fire.

“Yes folks,” it says, “our new product will destroy civilisation.”

Which really doesn’t work for me as an advert...

But it does absolutely work as a Torchwood plot.

The main question is who dosed the city and why?

(The final DWM Eighth Doctor comic strip The Flood had the Cybermen do the same thing with fear and anger, as a way of softening humanity up for conversion.)

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