Monday, 3 September 2012


Steven Moffat discusses writing for the new companion.

“In these five episodes the Doctor is practically the adopted son of Amy and Rory. He’s gone from being the wonderful man from space – Space Gandalf, as he wants to be – to being that troublesome kid that they try and keep under control. They even talked about getting babysitters for him in one unfortunately cut scene. They love him, but they know he’s a big kid, they know they have to look out for him, check he eats and all that. Whereas with the new companion he’s back to being the mysterious spacefarer.”

And this prequel is late!

And The Doctor’s Wife won the Hugo, and Neil Gaiman’s acceptance speech included saying “... Only a fool or a madman would try to do it again... so I’m on the third draft.

Which according to Hugo-winning io9 poster Charlie Jane Anders, is true!

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