Saturday, 1 September 2012

"What do you know of the Dalek Asylum?"

Right then. Where do we begin?

Spoilers. Obvs. Enorms ones.

Compare the Guardian blog response.

Only one place we can begin really.

So if Jenna-Louise Coleman is there... well, how does that work?

Whatever the case, the promise “The Doctor will meet a new friend in the most unexpected place” certainly holds true.

She looked right at us!

Nice intro. Subtle architectural styling.

Aww, Amy and Rory.

Dalek puppets (alive or dead) are horrible, a bit Cyberman (as was the reveal at the end), able to find you anywhere and anywhen... and I suspect Darla in particular will be a big hit with “Dalek Girl” cosplayers.

(Second most insane pair of high heels in modern Who history.)

Likely action figures - manky Daleks, zombies in parkas, probably no Oswin although they’ll obviously have a head sculpt, why-no-Darla?! and maybe the Prime Minister in his clear tube.

Mostly Time War Daleks, with a New Supreme among the chatty Parliament, the repainted Drones here and there, some immobile proper-old ones, and yes I saw the Special Weapons Dalek but not Russell the Davies’s personal black Dalek.

I do kind of miss Confidential now, as it would cover things like that. Here’s its ghost at least...


  1. It was a lot of fun, well worth it after the long wait.

    I think there were a few older Daleks here and there, but it all went by so fast it'll take some repeat viewing to spot them.

    1. They're less obvious when they're all broken and grotty - mostly by the shape of the headlights.