Sunday, 28 November 2021

Flux: Survivors Of The Flux

Flux: Survivors Of The Flux: Survivors Of The Flux: Survivors-

Oh, that cliffhanger had a ledge under it. Okay then.

And yes we have another separated companions and extra companion story.

Does Yaz just like that puffy sleeve jacket and culottes look? Not saying that’s a bad thing.

I assume Peggy is is boarding school?

(I like the archaeology progress talk.)

Love the huge tree TARDIS control centre.

And love the plot rather less.

I feel there could have been a non-companions scene between the bombing attempt and the ship. (Kind of weird to see a hand-to-hand fight in Doctor Who, even a realistically scrabbly one.)

UNIT set up by someone just a little bit naïve...

Bel and Vinder actually meeting an episode early would have been a nice surprise. Having them minutes away was an eye-roller.

Inside Passenger is a 1990s FMV game.

The very bored prophet is my favourite thing about this whole run.

Making Earth important in a vague way.

Use of the term evil. Huh. Okay.

Yaz sadly watching the recording like Martha in Human Nature. (Not the only connection there.)

I admit I didn’t know about Joseph Williamson before, so I liked learning about that.

Having had a Thanos snap and a Darkseif lookalike, why not a Hydra plot as well?

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