Sunday, 7 November 2021

Flux: War Of The Sontarans

The Halloween Apocalypse felt less like the first episode of a six-parter and more like sex pre-credit sequences, and the one with Sontarans was the start of this.

Sontarans in the Crimea! And in the present too.

Sontarans still mostly funny, so having them massacre people feels a bit jarring.

“Also, I wanted to ride a horse.” I was expecting the Doctor to just agree there.

The Doctor being angry about a human attack on a retreating enemy, but in this case letting it go.

The floating crooked house looks more Halloweeny than anything last week.

Vinder and the engineer arriving along with Yaz, and poor old lantern guy.

A planet called Time where all time runs through the Mouri and hang on is this Logopolis?

And okay, turning people to dust, but also snapping fingers threateningly? Although Passenger looks like Darkseid, the model for Thanos...

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